Saturday, March 6, 2010

Pinks – Greens – Birds – Appliques and Tulle…

Pinks, Greens, Birds, and Appliques have been stuck in my head for weeks.

Maybe it is because I am longing for spring.
Looking out of my Minnesota window spring still seems a long ways away.
Slowly the snow & ice is melting. This week this Cali girl learned all about ice damns. I learned that they can cause water to pour through your roof & down through the garage light socket. I learned that they make really – really long rakes to get snow off of your roof. I also learned that these don’t help very much when the ice is ten inches thick & there is 2 feet of snow on top of the roof. Finally I learned that ice damns are really -really expensive because you have to pay 2 guys hundreds of dollars to come steam your roof for 2 hours.
Well anyways spring is almost here and the snow is melting….. I have been accumulating pinks and greens for weeks and have birds popping up everywhere I look on the internet.

My appliqué projects have been haunting me at the bottom of the piles under all that pink and green tulle/chiffon/organza.

I have gotten some of the pinks and greens out of my head -- Here are the first items in my spring line of camera strap covers.

I just love the two colors together…. 

My daughter created this beautiful vase at school with some of my colors.

Along the way I found this gorgeous new baroque minky.
When I saw it I just had to have it. Even better I found that there is a minky distributor right here down the road. So I can pick it up without even paying shipping…. I really don't like paying for shipping - lots of times I won't buy something on the internet if the shipping is too high!

Here the green minky worked wonderfully with this Amy Butler fabric that I have been holding onto.

As far as the birds and appliqué – I have some grand appliqué plans coming real soon and better yet I get to incorporate them into my daughter’s birthday party too…. It will be so fun! I can not believe that she is turning 9 in a few days… Wow she is getting so grown up! So pinks, greens appliqués & tulle will be buzzing around my sewing machine very soon & knowing me right up until it is party time.

As far as those birds they will have to wait next to some daisies that I am looking for….

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