Friday, May 28, 2010

Making History Giveaway at Artsy Canvas Girl Designs

My sister recently came for a visit.  My kids loved spending time with their Aunt Kathy.  She talked about all her ideas for her new business.  We make a great team bouncing ideas off each other.  It is great because who else can you give honest feedback to but your sister. Also we got to collaborate in person, so much easier then over the phone. She has always been so artistic and creative. It is wonderful to see that she can use her talents to create special custom wall art using photos and words.

I was lucky enough to have her design a special canvas that sits above my fireplace. Our whole family just loves what she did. I picked a really large canvas and I love that I can just look up and see my happy family anytime and the quality of the photo so crisp and vibrant.

She also did some really awesome designs using my kids pictures.

The way she framed them with
special words made my kids feel like ROCKSTARS!

What do you think?  My kids love  - love them....

So make sure you head on over to her site to check out her awesome giveaway!


  1. I think they turned out great.... but I secretly love the photos. Hee hee hee. Paula (

  2. That is because you are such an awesome Photog! I love - love them too - you really captured them both!

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