Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Winner ~ Winner

(shhhh ... okay say it "Chicken Dinner "- sorry I can't help it - it always gets stuck in my head)
Congrats to Tara
(True Random Number Generator Result: 134- Comment #134 TARA)
Who said: I would pick the Personalized So Spring Hot Pink and Lime Green Damask.
I look forward to making this for you!

It was fun to see that the most popular pick was the So Funky!

I Love – Love this line of fabric as you can see in my shop! I would almost say that Amy Butler and the Belle collection kind of got me into my designer fabric obsession. I always gravitate to her designs. Before I even started my Etsy shop I had bought a couple of yards of this orange/blue French wallpaper and some other coordinating fabrics in this line.

The stripes are great too! I just thought I could make something fabulous with it and wasn’t exactly sure what it would be. Who would have known it would be these camera strap covers!!! This line has been discontinued and last night I bought the last yard that I could find through my internet source, of course for twice as much as I paid originally. The orange/blue is great but in my searches I have found another color combo that has become my all time favorite fabric – I scoured the internet to find it because of course when I discovered it, it had already been discontinued. I even called the fabric manufacturer and confirmed that it had been discontinued and the best place to find any was on Etsy (of course)! So I did and bought it at a premium. I also found it at one of my other internet sources – I literally scrapped the bottom of the barrel and bought their remnants - I think they thought I was a little wacky but hey you only need so much for camera straps/covers! Here is a peak at it. What do you think?

 I have a fun idea to go with it – I just need to catch up on some orders before I can show you though!

Thank you to everyone that participated!

Your so much Fun!!!

It was great to read your favorites!  Wonderful to hear all the kind words!

I would like to welcome to all the new FaceBook Likes (mmm Fans) and new Blog Followers!

Thanks for all the sweetness – it is very inspiring!

Also Thanks  Dang Gina for hosting my giveaway!

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